Getting Started

  1. Create an APIKey (AccessKey and SecretKey) for your account
  • Log into the delivery site at with a user that has admin rights
  • Go to Account from the main menu
  • Go to Company Settings tab (Account and Company are the same. In the documentation it mainly referred as account.)
  • Pick the company you want to create API keys to
  • Under the “Rest API Keys” click create
  1. Add a reference to you project for the Assembly Realeyes.ReportingApiSdk.dll from the sdk\csharp\binary folder.

  2. You can interact with the REST Api with the help of the .NET SDK (Alternatively you can use the PHP SDK, see below)

    1. Instantiate the ReportingApiUrlGenerator class, provide the AccessKey and SecretKey in the constructor parameters and instantiate the ReportingApiClient class.
    var reportingApiUrlGenerator = new ReportingApiUrlGenerator(
    var reportingApiClient = new ReportingApiClient(reportingApiUrlGenerator);
  3. To retrieve Norms report data, you will need first a StudyId and a MediaId. With the usage of the two Id you can generate a signed Norms request Url.

  4. Get StudyId and a MediaId. (For alternative ways check detailed documentation below) ````csharp //The GetMediaListByName action searches for Media by name. //This call will return two Media.

List<Media> mediaList = reportingApiClient.GetMediaListByName(
  new GetMediaListByNameRequest { MediaName = "Audi" });

var media = mediaList.First();

var studyId = media.Study.Id;
var mediaId = media.Id;
  1. To get a signed Url for the Norms report retrieval do the following: ````csharp var getNormsDataUri = reportingApiUrlGenerator.GetSignedUrl( new GetNormsDataRequest { StudyId = studyId, MediaId = mediaId, ComparisonLevel = ComparisonLevelType.LowestCommonRegion, SignificanceLevel = 0.01 } );
//You have to get something like that as Signed Url:
  1. Use realeyesit-reporting-visualization.js on your web project pages
  1. Add script tag for the realeyes-reporting-visualize.js to your Html page html <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

  2. Create a div with a specific id html <div id="norms-container"></div>

  3. Define your options in order to display norms ````javascript // Use the signed Url as value for the data in the options object. // Here is used just the prepared sample JSON file. var signedUrl = “”

    var options = { type: “norms”, element: “norms-container”,data: signedUrl,width: 1000, height: 480 }; ````

  4. Invoke visualization to display the norms table. javascript var visualization = new Realeyesit.Reporting.Visualization(options); visualization.render();