There are many ways to integrate Realeyes emotion measurement with various survey software or any other web environment. In this documentation we will describe these different approaches.

Realeyesit.IntegrationAPI components

Realeyesit.IntegrationAPI contains the following components:

  • Realeyesit.IntegrationAPI.Client - API for working with Realeyes emotion measurement component
  • Realeyesit.IntegrationAPI.IntegrationManager - Script to organize communications in case cross-domain integrations are used

High level description of the integration

Usually our solution is integrated to the sites with the following structure:

  • main window (contains the frameset)
    • child frame with clients survey content
    • child frame with realeyes emotion measurement component

Main idea of the integration is that the survey software shows their content with usual flow and only when media playback with emotion measurement is needed, the software will send commands to Realeyes API via the Client (commands like: askPermissions, preloadMedia, play etc.) which in turn then displays the neccesary webcam prompts and media.

The frame approach is required because of the security requirements of webcam access. Namely the access to the webcam can only be requested for the duration of a single page and in case the survey consists of multiple pages, then it would mean bothering the user multiple times. Having it in a frame that’s never loaded, would work around that.