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What video types can I use?

Anything which is supported by the HTML5 player. We recommend mp4.

Can I use the ‘Media library’ on portal to host my videos?

Currently you can’t. You need to use your own hosting solution.

What is participantID and why do I need it?

The participandID links the collected data on our side with yours. The participantID must be provided by you.

I have created my apiKey but can’t find where to create my key for the config.

You don’t need to create the config’s key, just add anything. Our system handles and creates a new collection for you with the given key.

Where can I see the results of my collection?

You have two options: go to delivery site or you can use our Reporting and Management API, documentation can be found here.

What scenarios can happen when asking for webcamera permission?

We have created a pdf showing the supported browser’s flows: integration permission flow chars.